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Dear Potential New Owner,Hello! First, we would like to thank you for taking time to view this ad! We have 5 gorgeous German Shepherd puppies left and looking for their new homes; 4 are (typically silver) sables, (3 males, 1 female) and there is one female traditional-colored pup. The pups are currently 11 weeks old and ready to go home! They were born on Monday, June 27, xxxx. Come over and check us out! Be prepared for loads of useful dog information, lots of wagging tails and a ton of puppy kisses! =)Both parents are from very good European bloodlines and reside on premises for you to see.Our sire is a 5 year old, pure white GSD from eastern working lines. He is impressively fast and agile with deeply-instinctive herding capabilities. He is a treat to watch in action! We use him on our farm often for our two spoiled jerseys, sheep and birds. His parents were AKC but I did not opt to register him.Our dam is a 3 year old, black and tan traditional, with black mask. She is a beautifully large-boned, stocky girl. Her parents are direct imports from West Germany and she comes from heavily titled lines. She is also AKC, but I have not registered her.I have learned over my 30 plus years of growing up with, owning, and training German Shepherds that a good GSD is absolutely not defined by a piece of paper from a dog club. I have had horrible genetics/temperaments from "AKC" dogs, so much so I have lost complete faith in the validity of it. You pay to track lineage and give your dog a's really nothing more than that. AKC registration papers only confirm a dog is purebred and it's parents were registered with the AKC. It is not a guarantee of quality, temperament, or health. I have chosen to not offer my dogs with AKC registration. It's not because I can't afford it, it's because I don't believe in it. I am very much a person of principle. I don't want to provide you the illusion of a great dog...I want you to have a great dog. If you come out to visit the puppies I will give more detail on parent lineage (this ad is already going to be long-winded, lol).My breeding program targets people looking for family-type dogs etc, not show ring or highly driven "police dogs". That doesn't make my dogs inferior by any means, on the contrary both come from very good lines (my dam comes from champion bloodlines). They are beautiful, intuitive and smart. My focus/passion is producing reliable family dogs with sound temperaments, ease in adaptability (without severe anxieties), medium drive, and protective/herding qualities. I believe this balance of traits creates a well-rounded, stable GSD. I want to see my dogs stay in their homes and live a long happy life with happy owners...not end up in the pound because the owners can?t provide what the dog needs. Sadly I see this happen often because people are looking to turn a buck rather than understanding a shepherd in it?s truest form and breeding accordingly. This is where bad genetics come into play and why an AKC label really means nothing. I believe if a person chooses to breed, it should be done based on a specific breed's strengths and weaknesses. It should also be based on the individual dogs themselves, each has their own physical and mental traits that should be accounted for to find a proper mated balance.My dogs live in my home, so do my puppies (they also have their own play-yard). They are every bit a part of our daily life. I believe giving a pup this exposure from birth is extremely beneficial for them to learn how to be a part of a family environment and create the patience and tolerance needed for children, noises, etc. I have five children that have handled the puppies since their birth. I start them on indoor pan/newspaper training at 3 weeks and outdoor potty training until they go to their new homes. They are already completely paper trained and their overnight environment is set up to mimic that of a crate, just more spacious (to accommodate a litter of pups versus only one). I do this in an effort to get each of our families off on the best foot possible with their new pups. I know bringing home a puppy can be a stressful time for both owner and dog, especially when you have to go to work. I do what I can here with them to help ease everyone into that transition. They will not be completely potty trained, but well on their way to understanding where they do their business. I teach them basic commands and work with them at the food bowl as well. This is probably one of the most important places to start with training and establishing hierarchy (in my experience/opinion). All of this takes a huge amount of time and patience but I believe it?s worth it. I have priced my pups as fairly as possible, trying to make it affordable but also accounting for the time I invest in their training before they head to new homes.I am asking $800 per pup. Pups are able to go home with you now, so entire balance will be due (cash only please) at time of sale. You will receive receipts for all transactions. They had their first health screening on 8/16/16 and were given their first series of vaccinations. They have been on a preventative herbal wormer since 3 weeks old. They tested negative for everything (roundworm, hookworm, whip worm, coccidia and giardia). They have also been cleared of any congenital defects, the results of which will be verifiable through our vet. They will be due again for their second set of vaccinations at 12 weeks.This is our fourth litter from the same sire but a different dam. We have had silver sables in all of them, so I believe the gene comes from the sire. I have kept in touch with several of our families over the past litters and I would be happy to show emails/texts and pictures to anyone interested in seeing how some of the colors turned out, size, and family satisfaction. I have also included some pictures of our previous litters with this ad.All of my pups are sent home with a "Doggy Bag" that will include a pamphlet that I have filled with training tips, advice and resources that I have found to be important/useful. I have also written a small booklet on potty training and a handout with important food information. Additionally, there will be two cups of their current food to start you off/help you transition as well. The puppies (and the parents) are on a no corn, soy or wheat diet. You will receive their first vet visit pamphlet that will contain the details of their screening, vaccines and any other important information (dates, weight etc). Lastly, I love keeping in touch with our families, if you have questions I'm always a text or call away.I apologize for a lengthy ad, but I feel first impressions are important, especially when trying to find a good dog/breeder to invest your time and hard-earned money in. Thank you so much for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you!Sincerely,Christin